April 13     

Today's quotation:

What we don't let out traps us. We think, no one else feels this way, I must be crazy.  So we don't say anything.  And we become enveloped by a deep loneliness, not knowing where our feelings come from or what to do with them.  Why do I feel this way?  Last week, I was on top of the world and now my feelings don't make sense.  Voicing it, getting it out and letting other people hear it, helps to dissipate it.  The fears and self-criticisms begin to leak.  And we begin to heal.

Sabrina Ward Harrison

Today's Meditation:

Sometimes it's difficult to recognize that some of our "negative" or hurtful feelings come from our attempts to repress other feelings.  When we don't feel that our feelings are appropriate or we don't want to share them because we're afraid of how other people may react to them, we keep them buried within us.  If they stay inside us, they can fester and grow a life of their own, adding a new dimension to the original negative feelings.  Now not only do I feel a great sense of indignation about something, but I've added to it the frustration of not being able to voice my feelings.

In my experience, some people are uncomfortable hearing other people's problems, so it can make us even more unlikely to share ours.  Others can even attach labels like "complainer" or "whiner" to us when we're simply trying to voice our concerns or frustrations, making it even more difficult for us to share the next time.  All these labels mean, though, is that these people aren't willing or able to allow someone else to share their feelings.  When we discover this, it's important that we find another, more appropriate outlet.

I find that I don't always need another person around in order to be able to voice my feelings.  My prayers often center on such feelings, and as I voice my concerns I clarify them and understand them more (I like to pray aloud while taking walks in nice places).  Often I'll write them down in order to take advantage of the benefits of the act of writing, which helps me to clarify them even more deeply.

There's very little benefit to keeping feelings locked inside like prisoners, especially since they don't really deserve to be treated like prisoners.  Our feelings are just as much a part of us as everything else, and it's impossible to let them grow and develop if they never see the light of day.  Voice them, share them, clarify them.  Then they can grow into beautiful new parts of ourselves that we can love and cherish like all the other parts of ourselves.

Questions to consider:

Do you regularly share your feelings?  In your experience, what are the results of not doing so?

What do you find to be some obstacles to sharing feelings with others?

What other potential outlets for sharing your feelings can you think of?

For further thought:

I feel that the human mind has not achieved anything greater than the ability to share feelings and thoughts through language.

James Earl Jones

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