April 25     

Today's quotation:

We are incredibly heedless in the formation of our beliefs, but find ourselves with an illicit passion for them when anyone proposes to rob us of their companionship.  It is obviously not the ideas themselves that are dear to us, but our self-esteem that is threatened.

James Harvey

Today's Meditation:

My beliefs have really been a pain in my neck throughout my life.  They can be quite annoying in the way that they keep me from seeing the way things truly are, and I know in my heart not only that I let them keep me from seeing things, but that I use this fact to make me feel more self-righteous when I see things that I feel are bad or wrong.  My beliefs keep me judging others.

I don't like being a judge of other people and their actions.  When I judge others I'm putting myself on a pedestal, even in a very minor way, for I "know" that my way of seeing something is the "right" way, and if someone's doing something the "wrong" way I can judge them pretty mercilessly.

I was taught when I was young that it's important to hold on to my beliefs and to live by them.  As I've grown and watched my beliefs change constantly, though, I've realized that this is really bad advice.  I've learned that it's important to learn about my beliefs and to allow them to change and grow and develop so that they don't keep me enchained and unable to progress in life.  I've learned that a challenge to my beliefs is not a challenge to me as a human being--or a spiritual being--but a challenge to my beliefs, and such a challenge should not affect my self-esteem in any way at all.

Do I want to defend my beliefs against any challenge when I know that they may be different three years from now?  Do I want my beliefs to control my actions, and then look back years from now and regret my actions because they were the result of an immature set of beliefs?  I hope that I'm able to allow them to grow, rather than allowing them to control me and my actions.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of beliefs do you hold most dear?  Where do those beliefs come from?

Where do your beliefs take you?  What kinds of actions do you perform in the name of your beliefs?

Why might so many people take challenges to their beliefs as personal challenges?

For further thought:

The biggest addiction, and one we least often talk about, is being addicted to beliefs.  We really get hooked into thinking what we believe is true and right.

Martha Boesing

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