April 4    

Today's quotation:

Old friends pass away, new friends appear.  It is just like the days.  An old day passes, a new day arrives.  The important thing is to make it meaningful:  a meaningful friend-- or a meaningful day.

the Dalai Lama

Today's Meditation:

What do you have in store for this day?  What will you give to this day in order to make it meaningful?  How will you approach the hours that are coming so that you can make them special and extraordinary?  Yesterday is now gone, as a friend who used to live next door but who is now far away-- the difference is that while we can stay in contact with the friend and still have a positive effect on his or her life, yesterday is completely out of our reach-- so why continue to visit it in our thoughts?

Anything that is meaningful is so because we've made it that way.  Our lives are active entities-- we cannot lead fulfilling lives if we remain passive.  We can act and act some more, and if we're able to let go of our need to see certain results-- the results we think should happen-- then we can allow our actions to make each day meaningful.

What will I do today to make it meaningful?  A list of positive active verbs may help:  give, love, share, encourage, work, listen, teach, help, care, read (something uplifting!), clean, rest, dream, hope. . . . there are many such words that can add positively to our day to help to make it meaningful.

My day is up to me.  I didn't always see it that way, and I always wondered why my days didn't bring me what I wanted them to bring me.  But now I see that they brought me little because I was giving little-- because I was afraid that if I gave, I'd end up depleting what I saw as my limited resources.  But the more I give to each day, the more I find that I get back from each day, and I'm able to make each day meaningful only because of what I give to it by being active in positive ways.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of actions do you have planned for today that will make this a meaningful day?

Why might we hold back from acting to make our days meaningful?

Why might we find ourselves in the trap of seeing the days as out of our control to make any positive contributions?

For further thought:

When one cannot be sure that there are many days left, each single day becomes as important as a year, and one does not waste an hour in wishing that the hours were longer, but simply fills it, like a smaller cup, as high as it will go without spilling over.

Natalie Kusz

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