August 20      

Today's quotation:

Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has purpose.  There are no mistakes, no coincidences; all events are blessings given to use to learn from.

Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross

Today's Meditation:

You'd have a hard time convincing some people of the truth of Elisabeth's statement, for if it is true, then there's no one to blame, no reason to feel sorry for oneself, no justification for any sort of "victim" mentality.  If she's right, then life continually gives us valuable lessons that can help us to become the people we're meant to be.

In order to be able to see things this way, though, we have to be able to let go of expectations.  Most of our disappointment comes when expectations aren't met, and when we become disappointed that means that our judgment has kicked in.  Once we're judging things ("he's wrong," "she shouldn't have done that"), of course, it's very hard for us to learn from something that's happened.

When we come from a place of peace and acceptance, though, we can look at outside situations and occurrences with much more equanimity and with much less judgment.  We can see what life is offering us with clarity and actually permit ourselves to learn important lessons that just pass us by when we're rushed and when we allow our lives to be hectic.

Religious leaders the world over recommend meditation and quiet time in prayer as an important part of our lives.  Jesus went into the desert for forty days, and he wasn't looking for more things to do.  There is silence within us, but we have to get in touch with it by searching it out-- it's not going to call us on the phone out of the blue.  When you find it, you'll be in possession of one of the greatest treasures you'll ever find, and it's already a part of who you are.

Questions to consider:

How much time do you spend trying to get in touch with the silence inside of yourself?

What kinds of lessons do you see in your daily life?  What kinds of lessons might be there that you don't see?

Have you ever thought that all events may be blessings?

For further thought:

True silence really means going deep within yourself to that place where nothing is happening, where you transcend time and space.  You go into a brand new dimension of nothingness.  That's where all the power is.  That's your real home.  That's where you really belong, in deep Silence where there is no good or bad, no one trying to achieve anything.  Just being, pure being. . . . Silence is the ultimate reality.

Robert Adams

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