December 21      

Today's quotation:

Every person must follow his or her own process.  No one else knows what is right for another.  There is no goal in living our process, except to live it.  Our processes can change.  Our lives can change as we participate in the process.  Our only requirement is to trust the process and live in faith.  Our responsibility is to live out what our Creator asks of us.  To live our lives.  Living our process demands a deep spiritual commitment of being one with one's life.

Anne Wilson Schaef

Today's Meditation:

Are you one with your life?  Are you in tune with who you are and what you're meant to be and how you're meant to do things?  Can you truly say that you are-- or are working towards being-- committed to becoming the person you were meant to be rather than the person that so many people expect you to be?  And are you willing to accept and deal with the changes that you find in your path as you continue to live your life?

We have our lives, and we don't have complete control over them.  This is a good thing, for most of us with our limited amounts of knowledge and our limited perspectives probably would push our lives in very unpleasant directions if we did have complete control.  I remember wanting certain things desperately-- relationships, material objects, jobs-- only to find out later that that person or thing or job wasn't at all what I had thought it was.  I was glad at those times that I hadn't been successful in controlling outcomes.

Deep in your heart and spirit, you know what's right for you.  Nobody else on this planet knows that.  If you can trust life and trust your instincts and trust your higher power, you'll find that life becomes a great adventure in which you discover treasure after treasure around corner after corner.  If we can be committed to allowing ourselves to live through our spirit rather than through our intellect, then we can be one with our lives, for then we'll be focused on who we are and what we can truly give, rather than on what we want and expect ourselves to be based on outside influences and expectations.

You are a great and fascinating marvel, and it's important that you recognize that fact so that you can allow yourself to follow the processes that life has in store for you.  When you know that you are a marvel, then you'll know that your life has purpose and meaning other than that that your intellect assigns to it, and you'll let that purpose and meaning shine through in all that you do as you flow with the river of life rather than fighting the current.

Questions to consider:

Are you one with your life?

Do you trust the processes of life, or do you try to control them and make them turn out how you want them to turn out?

What processes have you noticed recently in your life?  Do you try to guide those processes, or do you let them guide you?

For further thought:

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through.  Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it.  This is a kind of death.

Anais Nin

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