February 13

Today's quotation:

It's far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.


Today's Meditation:

We seem to have a very strange idea about what healing is all about.  We always want to put a band-aid on everything and treat the symptoms rather that treating the actual causes of the disease.  Study after study shows that a huge portion of disease and sickness comes from our mental state--in fact, many of our sicknesses are caused by our thoughts and actions.  Think about ulcers and high blood pressure and heart disease, for example, and you'll see clear examples of how we think and act can affect us physically.

While there are many doctors who believe that "modern medicine" is the answer to everything, many more doctors are convinced that how we think and act can help to control the healing process.  Learn how to love, accept, and treat your body well and you can learn how to help your body to heal.  Giving a person who has ulcers some medicine will often treat only the symptoms, and not very well at that--the underlying causes of the sickness are still there, and still untreated.  Treating the clogged arteries of an obese person who eats foods that cause clogged arteries will help for the moment, but in the long run the causes of the problem are still firmly in place.

Of course, not all diseases are the result of thinking and acting, but many are.  And if we want to heal--whether emotionally, physically, or spiritually--we need to look at who we are if we're to discover the root causes of our sicknesses.  Hippocrates knew this truth almost 2,500 years ago, yet it often gets buried in the science of medicine.  Science is a beautiful part of our lives, but our humanity and individuality always will be more important than the knowledge of science.

If you do become sick, who is the person the doctor will be dealing with?  What kinds of thoughts and attitudes will you bring to your own attempts at healing?

Questions to consider:

Have you ever had a sickness that you felt was of your own creation?  What happened to cause it?

How might we try to avoid sickness by improving our outlook?

What kinds of thoughts might cause sickness?  Stronger health?

For further thought:

Nine-tenths of our sickness can be prevented by right thinking plus right hygiene--nine-tenths of it!

Henry Miller

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