February 24

Today's quotation:

When it comes to your money, what you think will direct what you say, what you say will direct what you do, and what you do will create your destiny.

Suze Orman

Today's Meditation:

Money.  It seems to be our blessing or our curse, and whichever it is isn't necessarily based on whether we have lots of it or very little of it.  Whether it's positive or negative for us depends upon how we see it, and how we treat it.

Money seems to be something completely objective, not under the influence of our beliefs or our desires.  We earn a certain amount of it and we spend a certain amount of it.  If we earn more than we spend, things are great financially.  If we don't, well. . . .

Suze Orman says here, though, that our own thoughts determine our monetary or financial destiny.  The ways that we perceive money have more to do with how much money we have than how many hours we work or how much we earn.  Though that sounds like a counter-intuitive statement, I've found over the years that it most definitely is true, at least in my life.  When I've worried and obsessed about money, I've had no extra money and I've had a hard time making ends meet.  As I've finally learned to relax about money, though, I've found that even when I don't have much at all, I'm pretty comfortable and I never run short of it when I need it.

What we believe about money is a huge part of how much money we end up with.  And changing our belief systems about something as seemingly out of our power as money is one of the most difficult, but most important things we can do.  We must believe that we'll always have enough (because God and life do take care of us if we allow them to), we must believe that we are deserving of financial stability (because we are), and we must believe that our abundance is ours to share (because it is) if we're to find true peace in our financial dealings.

Questions to consider:

What are some of your most important beliefs about money?

How might you go about changing some of your beliefs?

Why is it so difficult for us to change beliefs?

For further thought:

Money is like any other language through which people communicate.  People who speak the same language tend to find each other.  If you are one whose money speaks of protection and hoarding, you will find yourself involved with others whose money speaks the same language.  You will be staring at each other with hooded eyes and closed fists and suspicion will be your common value.
  If your money speaks of sharing, you will find yourself among people who want their money to speak the language of sharing, and your world will be filled with possibility.

Kent Nerburn

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