February 6

Today's quotation:

Every result you get in your life is the combination of
the challenge you receive from the reality around you
and your capacity to respond to that challenge.

Fred Kofman

Today's Meditation:

Fred's words seem almost defeatist--what happens when our capacity to respond to a challenge isn't well suited to it?  Aren't we then doomed to failure or misery if we respond poorly?

Or are we given a great opportunity for learning when we meet a challenge to which we're not well prepared to meet?  As we meet new challenges, aren't we learning to meet similar challenges in the future?

Think of your first few days on a job--any job.  Your co-workers who have been at the job much longer than you did things much, much faster than you did, and it seemed like you never would get as good as they were.  After a while, though, your capacity to meet the challenges grew as you learned, and soon you were just as comfortable with all the tasks as they were, and just as fast as they were.

Don't get discouraged if life throws you a challenge that you're ill-prepared to meet.  Keep in mind that you have to learn more about it, and when you do so you'll be able to meet it easily.  And when you reach this point, the results will grow more and more positive.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of challenges are you well prepared to meet?  Ill prepared?

What can you learn from challenges that come your way, seemingly "out of the blue"?

How might we change our perspective to see challenges in a positive light?

For further thought:

We win half the battle when we
make up our minds to take the world
as we find it, including the thorns.

Orison Swett Marden



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