July 1   

 Today's quotation:

Life is a great and wondrous mystery, and the only thing we know that we have for sure is what is right here right now.  Don't miss it.

Leo Buscaglia

Today's Meditation:

Right here, right now.  That really is all that we know that we have.  It's all around us, just waiting for us to notice it and appreciate it and revel in its wonder.  It's very easy to miss, though-- if we get caught up in worrying or focusing on something that keeps us unaware of our surroundings, we just might not notice any of the wonder that surrounds us right now.

I have a trick that I use when I start to feel that I'm losing touch with the here and now.  I stop and I find something to focus on.  It's easy to notice a tree and then move on to something else, but I force myself to stick with the tree, noticing the bark, the branches, the leaves, the light all over it.  It's easy to move on then, too, but then I try to remind myself that the tree is processing water and sunlight in order to grow and survive.  If it's summer and the leaves are out, that tree is even producing the oxygen that I need to stay alive myself.

When I finally do look to the next thing, it's easier to see just how amazing it is.  The car that's made of hundreds of parts, the building that's the result of the work of hundreds of people, the road that connects where I am with almost anywhere else in this country--everything around us has a touch of the miraculous to it, but it's up to me to recognize it if I want to appreciate truly the wondrous mystery of the here and now, and of life.

Don't miss it.  I've already missed a lot myself, so I do my best not to miss any more.  I still do, of course, but as I see more and more I know that I'm missing less and less.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of things do you like to focus on in your here and now?

Why might we tend to miss some of the most precious things of the present moment?

What kinds of tricks might you develop to help yourself to be more aware of your surroundings?

For further thought:

People who are “being” are fully present.  They are totally engaged in the moment.  This engagement includes an easy appreciation and sense of connection with whomever or whatever they are relating to at the time.

Sallirae Henderson

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