July 13   

Today's quotation:

Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.  There are no mistakes and no coincidences; all events are blessings given to us to learn from.

Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross

Today's Meditation:

If we can learn to get in touch with the silence within ourselves, we can learn about true peace.  We can learn about accepting our lives and their dynamics, and we can learn to stop allowing stress about our "mistakes" keep us from living full and healthy lives.  When we can accept that there are purposes behind the things that seem to have no purpose at all, then we can live in peace without wasting time wishing that things were different, or had turned out differently.  Peace allows us to realize that things are as they are; the silence within allows us to find that peace as a positive force in our lives.

If I could give any gift at all to all the people of the world, I would give peace.  With peace, people would stop agonizing over their lives.  With peace, people would stop trying to change others to fit their images of what people should be.  With peace would fall away the need for defensiveness and hurt feelings, the fears and the insecurities that keep us from reaching our potential in so many ways.

The silence within can help us to recognize the importance of all that happens in our lives, and if we can access that peace, our lives will be richer because we can recognize the richness that already is there.  The silence within can help us to see the lessons in all that we go through, and it can help us to understand those lessons and apply them to our lives.

Silence.  It's a very important element in our lives, yet one that few people seek out, one that few people actually take the time to learn how to access and practice.  Very few things are worth more, yet very few things are more neglected than our need to get in touch with the silence within.

Questions to consider:

How often do you actively seek out silence?

How many people do you know who value silence in their lives?

What benefits can silence bring to us?

For further thought:

Silence stands outside the world of profit and utility.  It cannot be exploited for profit; you cannot get anything out of it.  It is "unproductive," therefore it is regarded as useless.  Yet there is more help and healing in silence than in all useful things.

Max Picard

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