July 16     

Today's quotation:

So what do you want?  Do you know?  Do you dare to dream?  Do you dare to desire?  Do you dare to let your imagination (the most divine and mighty gift of the human race) run to the winds of fancy? What do you want?  What do you dearly, truly want?

Lynn Grabhorn

Today's Meditation:

For most of my years on this planet, I have not allowed myself to hope and dream that my wants could be fulfilled.  I haven't even seriously considered my wants as important because of disappointment in my past that told me that my wants could not become reality.  I'm slowly waking up to see what a self-destructive tendency this has been for me--after all, my wants are legitimate parts of who I am, and as long as I don't hurt anyone else in trying to fulfill those desires, then what's the problem?

I think more people could benefit from focusing a bit more (even quite a bit more) on fulfilling their own wants and desires.  Yes, it can be noble always to fulfill the wants of others first, but we simply do not develop ourselves as persons by neglecting ourselves.  We also don't develop our abilities to turn wants into reality, and we deprive ourselves of a lot of satisfaction.  And it seems pretty obvious that we can help others better when we're satisfied ourselves.

There are those who suspend their wants, too.  "I'll go to Hawaii in ten years, when I've saved enough money."  Ten years later, though, many people still haven't gone to Hawaii.  Between expenses and property taxes and children coming into the picture, the money (or the time, or the vacation days, or the baby-sitting) just isn't there any more.

Once we commit ourselves to fulfilling a want, we automatically put into place the forces necessary to make that want a reality.  And all wants aren't material, either.  We definitely should distinguish between true wants and desires that we're using to avoid other issues (buying that large-screen TV will make others admire me), and we definitely should not put ourselves in debt to fulfill most of our wants, but we must make the effort to fulfill them if we're to become truly fulfilled human beings.

Questions to consider:

Do you take your own wants and desires seriously?

What was the last want of yours that you worked at to fulfill?  How did you fulfill it?

Why does Lynn ask if you "dare to desire"?  Why is desiring a "daring" act?

For further thought:

Contemplate thy powers, contemplate thy wants and thy connections; so shalt thou discover the duties of life, and be directed in all thy ways.


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