July 19     

Today's quotation:

When you have too much month for your paycheck, then what you need to do is realize that there is abundance all around you, and focus on the abundance and not your lack and as night follows day abundance will come to you.

Sidney Madwed

Today's Meditation:

There's much being written these days about the Law of Attraction and its effect on our lives.  Many people are talking about how we tend to create our own realities by focusing on aspects of our lives that may or may not be healthy.  If we focus on lack and need, then we'll continue to experience lack and need.  And we won't be able to experience abundance and wealth until we focus on it as our natural state, believing with all our hearts that we do deserve abundance, and not lack.

Life was not set up to make us suffer.  There's too much opportunity all around us for that to be true-- but most people don't focus on possibility and potential, but on limitations and what they see as impossibilities.  And that seems logical, for we've all suffered setbacks and defeats that can get us focused on avoiding future setbacks rather than on creating future positive situations.  And even if we're focused on avoiding a negative, our focus still is on that negative, which keeps it strong in our reality.  If we're always focused on avoiding debt, our focus is on debt rather than on abundance no matter how we look at it.

Abundance is all around us-- there's enough of everything for everyone.  And even if the distribution of the abundance of the world seems quite flawed, the only element of it over which we truly have any control is that which is part of our own lives.  Life's too short to spend it focused on what we don't want in our lives, and we can keep abundance at bay by focusing on lack and what we don't have.  Keep focused on the abundance and believe that you do deserve it, and there are bound to be great changes in your life!  (And here's a hint-- abundance doesn't always mean money!)

Questions to consider:

How do we tend to limit abundance in our lives?

Why is it so easy to stay so strongly focused on lack?

Why do so many people not believe that the Law of Attraction is possible?

For further thought:

Where one sees lack, lack manifests.  Where one sees
abundance, abundance is supplied.

Darwin Gross

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