June 15      

Today's quotation:

The further you distance yourself from your expectations, the more exhilarating your life will become.  Though a situation in which you find yourself may not correspond to your initial wants, needs, or goals, ask yourself how you can make the most of it and then do your best to adapt.  Your life's journey will likely take many unpredicted and astonishing twists because you are willing to release your expectations.

from The Daily Om

Today's Meditation:

Working at the front desk of a hotel has opened my eyes to a completely new world of expectations.  We constantly face complaints from people not because there are major problems with the hotel, but because they've had artificial expectations that the hotel doesn't meet.  The vast majority of the people who stay there realize something very important:  it's a hotel, not a home and not a resort.  Others, though, stress themselves out and make themselves miserable because their expectations aren't being met.  And had they done a tiny bit of research about the hotel before making their reservations, they wouldn't have built up the artificial expectations in the first place.

Some people are disappointed that there's no Internet and no exercise room, but they shrug their shoulders and say "okay."  Then they move on with their lives.

Our disappointments in life and much of our frustration comes from expectations not being met, not necessarily from the actions or words of others.  If I expect my wife to act a certain way in a certain situation and she doesn't, then I've set myself up for negative feelings-- my wife has done nothing to contribute to them.  She's simply being herself, which she has the right to be.

If we can let life flow as it will and not expect it to flow in ways that we want it to, we can open up a lot of doors to new and exciting feelings that we probably wouldn't have felt otherwise.  Expectations are simply subtle ways of developing traps in which we catch ourselves.  Letting go of expectations takes those traps away and frees us up to enjoy this life we're living much, much more.

Questions to consider:

What are your most common types of expectations?  How do you feel when they're not met?

Why is it easy for us to create and hold expectations for different situations?

How might you go about releasing expectations?

For further thought:

Blessed is the person who expects nothing, for that person shall never be disappointed" was the ninth beatitude.

Alexander Pope



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