June 30      

Today's quotation:

Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity; they seem more afraid of life than of death.

James F. Byrnes

Today's Meditation:

It takes a lot of faith in life to put aside the search for security.  It also takes a realization that security is by and large a myth-- how many people have thought they were "safe" only to find out that they were mistaken?  Most people think in terms of financial security, but how many people have lost their jobs or their life savings due to a downturn in the economy?

There are many opportunities in life, but most of the very good ones demand a good deal of risk on our parts.  Not all risks turn out what we would call well, of course, but who's to say that the learning we do even in "failure" isn't one of the most important aspects of our lives?

We want to be safe, and we want our families and loved ones to be safe, too.  The only problem is that this desire for safety doesn't have a whole lot of grounding in reality, which treats us all pretty much the same-- and can easily strike down the most carefully crafted security system that we can come up with.

So what do we do when opportunity comes knocking, but has on it a price tag that says "risk"?  Are we backing away from life if we stick with our secure status quo, or are we simply taking care of ourselves?  And even more importantly, where will we be in five or ten years if we continually back away from life in an effort to stay safe-- just where will that "safety" take us?  This could be one of the most important questions that any of us ever consider.

Questions to consider:

How important to you is safety?  Why?

What kinds of opportunities have you let go by in your past?  How has that affected your life?

How would you define "security"?  Why do so many people find it such an important goal?

For further thought:

Security is mostly a superstition.  It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of people as a whole experience it. . . . Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. . . . Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller

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