March 11

Today's quotation:

If you do not feel yourself growing in your work and your life broadening and deepening, if your task is not a perpetual tonic to you, you have not found your place.

Orison Swett Marden

Today's Meditation:

It can be quite liberating to realize that we haven't yet found "our place" in this world.  For some strange reason, we grow up thinking that we're mature enough and wise enough in our late teens to choose a direction for our entire life, and once we go to college and get a degree, then we've set ourselves up for life in the career that will be best for us during our entire time here on this planet.

But as we grow, learn, and mature, there's a very good chance that if we stick with something a very long time, we may find ourselves with a growing discontent, with a strong realization that what we're doing isn't exactly fulfilling to us, that we've somehow stopped growing and developing in our skills and talents.  This is not a bad thing if we don't take it as one--it's simply our spirit's way of pushing us gently in another direction.

This feeling may discourage some who have grown accustomed to the "safety" and "security" of having work that they know well and that pays well.  But just because a job has become easy to do or just because it fills the bank account does not necessarily make it right for us if it's not nurturing our spirit.  Likewise, the dread and fear of potential failure and/or hard times financially may keep one from reaching out for other avenues of fulfillment.  Risk is a difficult thing, and it's not usually easy to face when one has become comfortable and the risk doesn't seem completely "necessary."

Your place is out there, and it's probably closer than you think.  What do your conscience and your deepest desires tell you about what you should be doing?  You'll find your truest answers there, and there's no need to risk everything and jump into the first thing that seems to be right--work your way into it gradually, lest this, too, turns out to be a direction that isn't completely right for you.

Questions to consider:

What are some of the most fulfilling activities in your life?

If you had a choice of doing any type of work or activity full-time, what would it be?

Name at least five potential directions that you feel would bring you a deeper sense of fulfillment in your life.

For further thought:

When you spend your life doing what you love to do, you are nourishing your Soul.  It matters not what you do, only that you love whatever you happen to do.  Some of the happiest people I've known have been nannies, gardeners, and housekeepers.  They put their hearts into their work, and they used the work itself as a vehicle to nourish their Souls.  I've known other people with more prestigious professions who absolutely hated their jobs.  What good is it to be a doctor or a professional if you do not genuinely love what you do?  Working in a job you do not love does nothing to nourish your Soul.

Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross

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