May 23     

Today's quotation:

No one goes their way alone.  All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.

Edwin Markham

Today's Meditation:

The myth of independence is one of the most difficult myths to debunk in our society.  We grow up thinking that we're alone in life, that no one is affected by what we do and that we can do everything on our own, all the time.  This leads many people to believe that nothing that they do has any positive effect on others, yet the simple truth of the matter is that most of what we do affects others.  And what we give to the world is what comes back to us.

Part of the problem is that we usually don't recognize what's coming our way as a result of our own previous actions.  We don't see an immediate cause-and-effect relationship, so we don't realize that one is there.  But my act of kindness today will come back to me as a kindness eventually, and my act of anger or envy or prejudice will come back to me as a similar act at some time in the future.

We're not alone on the planet, even though we may often feel isolated and lonely.  It's only when we're finally able to give up this loneliness, though, that we can take our place among the others in the world and recognize just how closely intertwined our lives are, and just how clearly our actions come back to us.  When we give, we are given to; when we take selfishly, things are taken from us.

We choose what we send into the lives of others.  When we choose things like love and compassion and encouragement and positive teaching, guess what?  We find that our own lives are becoming richer as a result of what we give to others.  We may not see it immediately and we may not recognize what comes our way as results of our own actions, but we do see more positive results in our lives when we strive to give positively to others.

Questions to consider:

What have you sent into the lives of others today?  This week?

Why might we not recognize that things that come our way are results of our own actions?

Why do so many people focus on taking rather than giving?

For further thought:

To receive more, we must give out what we receive. . . . For it is by giving that we set in operation the unfailing law of measure for measure.  With no thought of receiving, it is impossible to avoid receiving, for the abundance you have given is returned to you in fulfillment of the law.

Baird Spalding

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