May 28     

Today's quotation:

And how, you ask, are we to walk the spiritual path?  We answer:  say little and love much; give all; judge no person; aspire to all that is pure and good.

White Eagle

Today's Meditation:

"Spiritual" has unfortunately become one of those buzz words that seem to be used by people of various religious faiths to describe their own personal religious beliefs.  Many of those people try to get others to believe that if the others don't believe as they do, then their spirituality is false and useless.  This is simply untrue, though:  our spirits are not tied to any religion or set of theological doctrines or dogmas.  We all are spiritual beings and we all have spiritual lives, no matter what we believe or not when it comes to religion.

The spiritual path, then, is up to us.  Do we walk it or do we not?  Do we develop our spirits with love and giving, or do we continue to neglect our spirits by focusing on material goods and other things of this world?  Personally, I find it somewhat difficult to stay on the spiritual path when so few people around me are following their own spiritual paths, but I also find it worth the effort of facing the difficulty.  This path teaches me to listen to others so that I'm able to respond to them with love and compassion, and it makes decision-making easier when it comes to figuring out what to do in many circumstances.

Recently I was coming out of a store with a full bag of groceries, and I was saying a little prayer of thanks in my mind that we're able to afford to buy whatever food we need when we need it.  As I put my bags in my car, a man came up to me with some beautiful hand-made necklaces, trying to sell them to me.  He said that he and his wife needed gas money to get back home.  I knew I had a twenty-dollar bill in my pocket, and my mind was still on my prayer of thanks-- and I knew somehow that the twenty-dollar bill was supposed to go to this man and his wife.  So I bought two of the necklaces for my step-daughters.  It was a no-lose situation, for I helped the man and his wife and ended up with two gifts for people I love.

In the years before I've consciously tried to develop my spiritual side, though, I probably would have said no to the man out of fear that if I spent the money, I might run out of money soon.  But my spirit knows better-- we won't be let down in this world if we share unselfishly-- and unconditionally-- that with which we've been gifted.  I try to walk the spiritual path, and the further along it I go, the more I see clearly that this path will not let me down.

Questions to consider:

Are you mainly on a spiritual path or a materialistic path?

What kinds of steps would get you onto a spiritual path?

Who helps us to decide what kinds of paths we walk?  Why do we take their advice?  Are they happy and fulfilled themselves?

For further thought:

Our rushing and our busyness create a fog layer that encloses us, surrounding us with thicker and thicker layers externally and building denser and denser fog layers within.  Pretty soon, we have lost touch with that which guides our lives.  We need contact with our spirituality to be the people we would like to be.

Anne Wilson Schaef



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