May 30     

Today's quotation:

Though I might travel afar, I will meet only what I carry with me, for every man and woman is a mirror.  We see only ourselves reflected in those around us.  Their attitudes and actions are only a reflection of our own.  The whole world and its condition has its counter parts within us all.  Turn the gaze inward.  Correct yourself and your world will change.

Kirsten Zambucka

Today's Meditation:

There's much talk these days about the laws of attraction and the ways that we attract to our lives reflections of who we are and what our attitudes are.  And this talk is based in fact, in continuous observation and in study.  We really do attract to ourselves exactly what we give, and as you change the face that you present to the world, you'll find that the world presents a completely different face to you.

Of course, the cynics will say that this is completely wrong, that the world is an awful place full of awful people.  And guess what?  They're completely right, for that's the reality that a cynic will see when he or she projects their cynical attitudes.  For what more can the world give back but more justification for that cynical outlook?

There are many reasons to change our attitudes to more positive and loving ones, but the most important reason of all is to turn our own lives into positive experiences that allow us to be happy and fulfilled.  That can come only from us, ourselves, and not from any other source.  And the world will not give us the conditions that will nurture happiness and fulfillment until we show to life a face that is ready for both.

If you wonder why people treat you as they do, look inside and discover the face that you're giving to the world.  And once you find that out, decide how you want the world to treat you and present a face that will attract just that kind of treatment.

Questions to consider:

What kind of attitude do you generally give to the world?

What kind of attitude does the world generally give to you in return?

How would you act if you trusted completely that life would reflect back to you just what you're giving to the world?

For further thought:

Our attitude is something we can control.  We can establish our attitude each morning when we start our day--in fact, we do just that, whether or not we realize it.  And the people in our family--all the people in our world--will reflect back to us the attitude we present to them.  It is, then, our attitude toward life that determines life's attitude toward us.  Cause and effect.  Everything we say or do will cause a corresponding effect.  If we're cheerful, glad to be experiencing this miracle of life, others will reflect that good cheer back to us.  We are the kind of people others enjoy being around.

Earl Nightingale

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