November 17     

Today's quotation:

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.  Let us move forward with strong and active faith.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Today's Meditation:

What doubts do you have today?  I have more than I'd like to admit.  Mine often have to do with finances and earning money, as well as relationships and other elements of my life that are too personal for public sharing.  I usually feel that my doubts are a result of past experiences, of situations in the past that have led to situations of the present-- because things often haven't gone so well in the past, I tend to doubt that they'll go well tomorrow.  After all, I can base my thoughts of what's to come only on my own experience, right?

Well, probably not.  I realize that very often, what doesn't come to pass doesn't come because of my doubts.  In other words, I wasn't right to doubt because of my knowledge or experience, but I actually caused certain things to happen or not to happen because I doubted their possibility.  And I continue to do this, even after I've realized the cause-and-effect relationship between my own thoughts and what happens in my life.

Faith, of course, is the belief that things will happen in spite of a lack of evidence.  And if we can have faith in tomorrow despite what's happened in our past and present, then we'll soon come to realize many of our dreams and desires.  Our faith simply can make things happen, just as our doubts can prevent them from happening.  So instead of allowing our doubts to prevent good things from coming to us, with a bit of faith we can actually guarantee that they will.

The only limit to making tomorrow a great day is our own doubts.  This is a shame because it's completely unnecessary and self-defeating.  Faith isn't the easiest thing in the world to develop, but it can be one of the most important if we're ever to reach fulfillment.  Life wants to give us the good and the beautiful, and it will do so as long as we don't doubt that the good and the beautiful lie in store for us tomorrow-- and perhaps even later on today!

Questions to consider:

What kinds of doubts do you have concerning tomorrow?  Where have those doubts come from?

How would tomorrow turn out if we had no doubts about how it will turn out?

What does it mean to have an "active" faith?

For further thought:

We never encounter a mountain greater than doubt.  Doubt is a deceiver.  It is as a thief in the night.  Remove it, do not let it come nigh your dwelling.

Frater Achad

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