October 3     

Today's quotation:

I am still learning-- how to take joy in all the people I am, how to use all my selves in the service of what I believe, how to accept when I fail and rejoice when I succeed.

Audre Lord

Today's Meditation:

"All the people I am."  How to take joy in that. . . .

It's astonishing sometimes to think of just how many different roles we have in life, and just how little we think of how important they are too us.  Our roles as husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, co-worker, boss, friend, student, teacher, mentor-- each calls us to be someone else, a very  different person.  Perhaps we carry similar motivation into separate roles, but for the most part we are different people in our various roles.

And that's something to celebrate!  Each role brings to it different things to learn, things that we can learn only in that given situation with those certain people.  Each role brings unique challenges and rewards and experiences that help our spirits to grow into the extraordinary beings that we were created to be.  And each role helps us to further define who we are, what we believe, and what we intend to give to the world.

Joy in who we are is a great thing to have-- and joy in the many people that we are is even greater.  I feel joy as a husband and joy as a teacher, and I know that both roles are a true blessing in my life-- and that they both give me great cause to rejoice.  And that's only two of the people who I am-- think of how many other reasons for joy are built into the other people who I am!

Questions to consider:

Do you take joy in who you are?

Are you conscious of the many different roles in your life, and the many different people you become to fill those roles?

How often do you rejoice?

For further thought:

I love having many roles to play-- they keep me vital and they keep me new.  I love the fact that I can be a different person in different situations-- in a completely appropriate way.  And each time I'm able to help someone else in a completely different role of mine, my heart grows, my spirit grows, and my love of life grows.


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