September 22     

Today's quotation:

The life you have led doesn't need to be the only life you have.

Carol Clurman

Today's Meditation:

Who and what have I been up until now?  Does that determine who I'm going to be over the next five or ten years?  I suppose the better question is:  Does that necessarily determine who I'm going to be?

Many people stepped into the roles they now occupy when they're very young-- far too young to be able to say truly what they wish to accomplish with their lives.  And once they've been in those roles for a number of years and they've started to feel a sense of safety and security, they find it almost impossible to step out of those roles.  Their choices for today are determined by trying to maintain the lives they've lived up until now.

But what if you're an insurance adjuster who dreams of being an actor?  Are you limited in life to continuing to be an insurance adjuster for the rest of your days?  What if you're a school administrator who dreams of being a classroom teacher?  Are you truly limited to staying in the office for the rest of your working years?

Making a choice to step off in a new direction means that sacrifice will be necessary.  Many people won't make that sacrifice because family members also will be affected by their actions; what they don't seem to want to admit is that their family members also are affected-- even at a very subtle level-- by their dissatisfaction and their unfulfilled dreams and ambitions.

We've been blessed to be born in a time of opportunity, days when almost anyone can accomplish almost anything.  More and more people are finding out that they don't have to maintain the status quo for the sake of security, and they're willing to make a shift in their lives for the sake of fulfillment.  And even though struggles surely will rise up, they can't compare to the riches that we'll find through the fulfillment of our dreams and wishes and aspirations.

Questions to consider:

What kind of life would you like to be living?  What would you have to do to achieve that kind of life?

How can it be possible for us to live more than one life?

Who determines the courses and patterns of our lives?

For further thought:

Life is the ability to start over again.

Joan Chittister

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