April 3     

Today's quotation:

What allows us, as human beings, to psychologically survive life on earth, with all of its pain, drama, and challenges, is a sense of purpose and meaning.

Barbara De Angelis

Today's Meditation:

One really can't say enough about the positive effects of having a healthy purpose in our lives.  When we discover or uncover a purpose that resonates with who we are as human beings, we add a great dynamic to our lives that can help us to see reason behind what we do, and that can help us to overcome any obstacles or problems that arise.

Unfortunately, many of us allow our purpose to be determined or defined by others.  How many people stay with the first job that they get simply because it's safe, rather than because in that role they're fulfilling what they see to be an important purpose?  How many of us never actually define purpose in our lives, and thus never feel the impulse of trying to better ourselves in order to fulfill our purpose more effectively?

It wasn't until I realized consciously that my main purpose is to be a teacher that I actually started working towards becoming a much better teacher.  Before that, teaching was a job that I did pretty well.  After that, teaching was something that I was very good at, and what I did became much more beneficial to my students.  It's difficult at times, and I still often question what I do, but I know that my knowledge of teaching as a purpose makes what I do much more enjoyable and much more effective.

Many people want to define our purpose for us.  Parents think they know what's best for us.  Managers who like the work we do might want us to stay with them.  Friends and family and teachers and co-workers are generous with advice.  But we already know our purpose or purposes in life-- and it's up to us to live up to them.

Questions to consider:

What is your major purpose in life?

How often do you think about how you can become better at fulfilling your main purpose?

What does a purposeless life look like?

For further thought:

To have a purpose that is worthwhile, and that is steadily being accomplished, that is one of the secrets of life that is worth living.

Herbert Casson

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