December 16     

Today's quotation:

Have confidence in the Truth, although you may not be able to comprehend it, although you may suppose its sweetness to be bitter, although you may shrink from it at first.  Trust in the Truth. . . . Have faith in the Truth and live it.

the Buddha

Today's Meditation:

I believe that most of us must revisit our ideas of what "truth" actually is.  That is, we need to do so if we want to feel a bit of peace with the concept, and not drive ourselves crazy thinking that other people should be defining truth exactly the same ways that we define it.  The Buddha here is telling us that there is a Truth, and that if we trust in Life's Truth, as opposed to what we've "learned" to be the truth, we'll be in pretty good shape.

I believe that there is a set of truths for life, but I also see that most of us want to apply our personal set of truths to life instead of allowing the real truths to guide us.  We want to convince ourselves that we know the truth, and that other people are wrong if they don't see the Truth in the same ways that we do.  This, though, is a pretty flawed way of looking at things.  I think that what the Buddha is saying here is basically "Trust life," for life knows what it's doing and it follows a very clear vision of truth that we would do well to trust instead of trying to impose our ideas of truth on life.

I can honestly be sure of absolutely none of the "certainties" that I've composed during my life.  I know this because almost all of the things that I've been certain of in my lifetime have become uncertainties, or simply untruths.  In a way, I've given up searching for any sort of truth, and I've left to life the sorting out of truth and untruth.  I don't try to know the "Truth" because it really is beyond my comprehension.  What I need to do is live my life as honestly and compassionately as I can, and let life worry about what's true or not.

I can't teach anyone else what the "Truth" is.  I can teach them what other people think to be true, but when I do so I also need to point out that other people disagree with that Truth, so it really isn't a Truth with a capital "T," but simply a truth that I'll probably find out someday isn't really a truth at all.  And that's just the way things go-- this fact will bother me only if I desperately want to believe that my "truths" are universal-- and I simply know that they're not.

Questions to consider:

Why do we like to think that we know the "Truth"?

What's the difference between "truth" and "certainties"?

Is there really anything that is "true" for everyone?

For further thought:

I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth, and truth rewarded me.

Simone de Beauvoir

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