December 24     

Today's quotation:

We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Today's Meditation:

Christmas really is for children, isn't it?  The mystery, the build-up, the anxious waiting for gifts, the great stories-- all combine to provide a perfect setting for the child's imagination to take flight, for her or his sense of wonder to be ignited and burn brightly.  The sad thing is that all of us are still children at heart-- everything that we used to be is still present in us-- but we don't allow that child-like sense of wonder to make the holidays brighter and more fascinating for us.  We can, though, and as Laura says, rekindling our child-like side can help us to be better people all year long.

It's hard to say just how this might work.  Perhaps seeing the people we love through a child's eyes for a few days can help us to understand just how special they are, and we can keep treating them as special people even when it isn't Christmastime.  Maybe the gratitude that we feel for that very special gift that someone gives us can stick with us, and we can live each day in thankfulness because of the special gifts of love that we've received.  Maybe just reminding ourselves that that child-like side of ourselves isn't dead and gone can help us to access that side each day, and to find the wonder in each day of the year.

No matter how it may be explained, though, it may be a good idea to try to let that child that you are loose this Christmas.  Love the things that you experience simply because they are, not for what you get from them.  Let yourself get caught up in singing Christmas carols, take your time wrapping presents and getting them ready for those you love.  Ask for something whimsical this Christmas.  Get up early on Christmas day and look at the tree with all the presents underneath it and try to guess what's in those that you don't know.  Open your gifts and love what's inside them, even if they're not quite what you expected.

We can take Christmas with us all year long if we want to, but it has to be something really worth carrying around if it's to last.  And Christmas is what we make it, not what others make it.  We all know that children make Christmas much more special than anyone else does, so let's allow our child-like side to shine this holiday season so that we can make Christmas something that's very worth taking with us all the year, so that we and the people we love can still benefit from the ways that we make Christmas special each year.

Questions to consider:

What are some of the differences between Christmas for adults and Christmas for children?

In what ways might you allow your child-like side to shine this holiday season?

Why do we tend to allow the child in us to be repressed as we grow up, even on special occasions like Christmas?  How does this tendency affect us?

For further thought:

May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.


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