February 10

Today's quotation:

Grace is goodness and respect given freely and unconditionally.  A sense of divine love and protection bestowed on us when we need strength and renewal.  Grace helps us know we are not alone and believe we are cared for and cherished.  Grace is a drink of clear, clean water in the desert.

Sue Patton Thoele

Today's Meditation:

I believe that far too often, we see "grace" as just a religious word.  Grace can be a huge part of our lives if we allow it to be so, religion notwithstanding.  My wife shows me grace when I make a mistake and she doesn't make me suffer for it; my students show me grace when I do something I shouldn't do and they forgive me for it.  We're constantly shown grace by other people who forgive us for silly things that we've done, without causing us undue stress because of problems that we've caused or errors in judgment.

And if we choose to do so, we can spread grace ourselves by not making others in our lives suffer unduly for errors or omissions, and by not holding our forgiveness over their heads.

Are you a graceful person?  Could you be?  I would like very much to relate to other people without the specter of my judgment hanging over our relationship.  I would like for them to feel my love, not my anger; my compassion, not my judgment.  Grace is a product of love and compassion, and the more of both that we share with others, the more grace we're going to see and feel in our lives.

Grace does exist, but very often we push it down into the depths of our lives and neglect to share it with others.  If we truly want to be loving human beings, though, we need to find ways to allow ourselves to share grace with others-- unconditionally and lovingly.

Questions to consider:

What are some specific ways that we can share grace with others?

Why do we tend to think of grace as something that's limited to religion?

What types of things might keep you from sharing grace?

For further thought:

Grace is not something outside of you.  In fact, your very desire for grace is due to grace that is already working in you.  Grace is the Self.  It is not something to be acquired.  All that is necessary is to know its existence.

Ramana Maharshi

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