July 1     

Today's quotation:

Humility is not weakness; it is the epitome of strength.  Humility moves a person away from human, personal weakness and limitation into divine expression, strength, and expansion.

Donald Curtis

Today's Meditation:

So many of us are taught to be strong our whole lives long-- we have to compete, to win, to achieve, to be promoted over others, to market ourselves, to build our resumes and let everyone else know what we've achieved.  There seems to be little room for humility in many of our societies of today, and that's a shame.  Because the strength that we need to show isn't truly strength at all-- it's simply show, and it's more of a compensatory technique for insecurities than it is a way of being strong.

If I'm to be truly strong, I don't need to let anyone know it.  I can be humble, and my humility is a sign to others that I'm approachable and responsive, that they can share with me without threatening my sense of self.  A humble person allows others to be strong, and even helps them to be so, and feels no threat to her or his own being.  The humble woman or man accomplishes many things, but instead of spending time telling the world "Look what I've done!" moves on to the next thing, and then the next.

There's no problem with being proud of our accomplishments, of course, but when that pride becomes too strong, we become much weaker.  When we're more interested in letting others know just what we've done, then our focus shifts from what we're doing to letting others know what we've done, and the quality of what we do drops significantly.  The humble person feels no need for validation from others, because that person realizes that the validation is fleeting and doesn't serve much at all over the long run.

When we allow ourselves to be humble, we open up a source of true strength.  When we no longer concern ourselves with whether or not others agree with us or like us or admire us, we live with a freedom that the proud and arrogant will never know.  And that inner freedom and strength is worth much, much more than anything that can come from outside of ourselves.

Questions to consider:

Why do so many people look at humble people with disdain?

Why do so many people teach us that it's important to make other people admire or respect us?

How do we go about adopting humility as a way of life?

For further thought:

Humble people can do great things with uncommon perfection because they are no longer concerned about their own interests and their own reputation, and therefore they no longer need to waste their efforts in defending them.

Thomas Merton

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