July 22

Today's quotation:

So what is happiness?  I am sure this question will be asked through the ages.  And I doubt there is one answer for all people.  Like heaven and hell, one person's happiness can be another person's unhappiness, which is why I'm not attempting to tell you what to do to find your happiness.  I have enough trouble finding and hanging onto my own true happiness.

Robert Kiyosaki

Today's Meditation:

What a good question:  What is happiness?  Many claim that they're not really happy, but they haven't defined happiness for themselves at all, so how do they know?  Is it possible that we're all pretty happy, but because we've defined happiness as something that we don't have or haven't reached, we think that we're not?  Could it be true that with just a slight shift in perspective we'd find that we have all the elements that we need to make us happy?

I've known people who thought they'd be happy as soon as they were married.  Then they got married and started finding things to stress out about, things that their new spouse did that upset them, things about having a family that made them frustrated or nervous or just plain miserable.  Years earlier, just the thought of having the family made them feel comforted and sparked a yearning in their spirits; now that they have it, they think that happiness lies in something else-- like maybe not having a family, or having a different family or spouse.

Life is pretty good to us, and it's constantly giving us fodder for happiness.  And our choices in life put us in positions to receive particular fodder-- as a teacher, seeing students learn and grow makes me happy; seeing rain fall makes me happy because I know how important water is to everything; being married, seeing my wife and/or my stepkids succeed in something or accomplish something special brings me happiness, as long as I'm open to accepting it.

I'm happy that I have enough food to eat regularly, that I have enough money to afford housing and clothing and even some luxury items, that there are people in the world who care for me and like my company, that I have fulfilling work to do.  Music makes me happy, as do snowstorms and thunderstorms.  There's so much to be happy about that the list can be quite long, and we can easily start with the little things that are very real contributors to our happiness, as long as we make the effort and take the time to rejoice in them.

Questions to consider:

Why do so many people consider themselves unhappy when their lives are full of riches?

What kinds of things make you the most happy?

How would you define happiness?  Do you feel it often?

For further thought:

Buried deep in the maze of commonplace, the pearl of true happiness lies.  And those who rejoice in little things, find the pathway that leads to the prize.

Lucy M. Thompson

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