June 22      

Today's quotation:

Remember that the body is the temple of the soul.  Those who mistreat the body tend to mistreat the soul within.  Observe vital health laws, such as exercise, healthy diet, and self-control.

Susan Santucci

Today's Meditation:

These bodies that we're using are extremely important to us, for they are the vessels that allow us to experience everything there is to experience on this planet.  The bodies provide us with sensory experiences that let us know things like cold and heat, wetness and dryness, textures and surfaces, illness and health, ecstasy and agony.  If we treat these bodies well, they do for us everything we need them to do.  If we mistreat and abuse them, then guess what?  They're going to be the source of much of our discontent on this planet.

I think that Susan's main premise, though, is very important:  if we mistreat the body, then we're likely to mistreat the soul.  If we don't try to keep the one healthy, how likely are we to keep the other one healthy?  Personally, I would like to think that I'm doing things that keep my spirit healthy-- helping other people, looking for the good in life, sharing love as much as I can.  And I want to do this because the idea of leading a good life is important to me, and if I neglect my spirit and my body, then my life is always going to be limited in scope.

If we take care of our bodies well, they will serve us well.  That doesn't mean adopting a stoic lifestyle-- I eat quite a few sweets, to be honest, but I do so because I know that I run a lot, and I'll be running those calories off each day.  If I didn't exercise a lot, I wouldn't eat the sweets, though I would look for something that I enjoy eating just because.  I simply wouldn't eat it to excess (chocolate comes to mind).

Our bodies are in constant contact with our spirits.  We know when we haven't drunk enough, when we need to eat, when we need to take it easy and favor one leg for a while.  It's important that we pay attention to those messages and take them seriously, for we're not going to get a different vessel to carry us through this life.  Take care of your body and many other things will simply fall into place, as they well should.

Questions to consider:

What are some things that your body has told you recently?

Why do so many people ignore the messages that their bodies send them?

What have you done recently for your body that's very positive?

For further thought:

It is widely recognized that being negatively sensitive about one's health through worry-imagery and pessimistic self-talk can make and keep one sick.  What is not so widely recognized, however, is that being positively sensitive about one's health-- "listening" to the body, avoiding damaging influences, imagining and directing healing energy, visualizing perfect health, and so on--can make and keep one well, as an increasing number of people are discovering, some of them through curing themselves of "incurable" illnesses.

Benjamin Hoff
The Te of Piglet

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