May 12     

Today's quotation:

Having the world's best idea will do you no good unless you act on it.  People who want milk shouldn't sit on a stool in the middle of a field in hopes that a cow will back up to them.

Curtis Grant

Today's Meditation:

There are certain advantages of growing up in dysfunctional families.  One of the things I learned very early, for example, was that if I wanted or needed something done, I had to do it myself because I couldn't depend on anyone else to do it.  Sometimes that even included things like writing my own excuses for absences from school, buying my own school clothes, and other things that generally aren't left to a very young person to do on his or her own.

I don't resent these lessons, for they've given me a habit that has been very beneficial to me-- the habit of simply doing something when it needs to be done rather than waiting around for someone else to do it or for conditions to be just perfect.  I get things done (though sometimes a little later than I'd like due to procrastination), and then I move on to the next thing.  I prefer to actively participate in life rather than being a passive bystander, because those passive bystanders tend not to accomplish much at all that they can point to with pride.  Of course, they don't make as many mistakes as I do, either, but mistakes are just a normal part of taking action when we feel we need to.

If you want to start school, you have to register.  If you want to start your own business, an action plan is a must.  If you want to heal a relationship, someone has to start the conversation or make the apology or seek to make amends.  If you want to change jobs, you have to start the search for something new.  If someone needs help, someone else has to step forward and offer it.  Action gets things done; inaction simply puts things off, and often they're left off forever.

Some people have others in their lives who do their acting for them, and these people are unfortunate, for they never learn to act for themselves.  Most of us need to take action when we want things, and there really is no substitute for action when action is called for.  We must be brave-- while still being discerning-- and take the actions that we must take.

Questions to consider:

Why do so many of us find it difficult to take action so often?

What are some of the things that keep us from taking action?  How might we work around them?

What will the effects be if we never take action in our lives?  How will our lives turn out?

For further thought:

What makes the difference between wishing and realizing our wishes?  Lots of things, of course, but the main one, I think, is whether we link our wishes to our active work.  It may take months or years, but it's far more likely to happen when we care so much that we'll work as hard as we can to make it happen. And when we're working toward the realization of our wishes, some of our greatest strengths come from the encouragement of people who care about us.

Fred Rogers
The World According to Mr. Rogers

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