May 13     

Today's quotation:

Generosity does not apply only to money and material things; it is more about your spirit.  You do not have to be financially wealthy to be generous.  You can give love, kindness, time, listening, patience, caring, appreciation, compliments, and service.  When in doubt, give.

Alan Cohen
The Tao Made Easy

Today's Meditation:

Most of us wish to be considered as generous people, but what does generosity truly entail?  Is it putting stuff we never use any more into a box and taking it to a thrift store?  Is it giving our last dollar so that someone else can have a meal today?  We very often equate generosity with monetary and material giving, yet the concept can mean so much more than that.  My giving can be in many different areas and still be extremely generous, even though not a single cent changes hands.

Do I want to make today a day when I'm generous to others?  Then I have to commit myself to being so, whether I have extensive financial resources or not.  I can commit myself to giving sincere compliments and encouragement, to taking the time to listen to someone else tell me what they want to tell me, to share my food if possible (perhaps I can bring some extra chocolate to work to give away!).  I work a lot with little kids, and I try to be very generous with sincere praise of the kids to their parents, and it's a very positive thing to give to parents.

Generosity really is a spiritual matter.  Sincere generosity, with no expectations of reciprocation, really is something that comes from our spirits.  When we are generous, our spirits are that part of us that benefits from our giving.  And our giving can be in the form of anything we have or anything we can do that will be of benefit to someone else.

Do you want to be generous, or do you want to be thought of as a generous person?  These can be two different things, of course, and I hope that someday I'm actually the former.  I have a ways to go, as most of us do, but I'm trying every day to give more and more of what I have that will help another.

Questions to consider:

Why is it sometimes difficult to be generous?  Are we always sure that we'll have enough for ourselves if we give away what we have?

In what ways can you be generous today?  Who can benefit today from your generosity?

What are you contributing to life in general when you decide to be a generous person all the time?

For further thought:

Give yourself entirely to those around you.  Be generous with your blessings.  A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.

Steve Maraboli

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