October 23     

Today's quotation:

Nature imitates herself.  A grain thrown into good ground brings forth fruit; a principle thrown into a good mind brings forth fruit.  Everything is created and conducted by the same master:  the root, the branch, the fruits-- the principles, the consequences.

Blaise Pascal

Today's Meditation:

It's really quite wonderful to consider how the planting of a seed leads to a tree, and once that tree has matured, it leads to more fruit just like the one that we got the seed from.  And we see the same principle at work in people:  if you plant an idea in my mind, I can work with that idea and make it my own, but soon you'll see that the idea has helped to transform me into a different person.  Of course, what we end up with depends upon what kind of idea is planted-- plant a positive, helpful idea, and I grow to be a positive and helpful person.  Plant a negative, evil idea, and guess what may happen?

I would like to think that I have some control over the process, and that's why I make such a strong effort to fill my mind with positive ideas rather than negative ones.  I want the fruits that result to be beautiful and helpful, rather than dreadful and harmful.  I do my best to identify the negative thoughts and ideas as soon as I can so that I can reject them and not consider them further, except as something that I can work against using positive principles.

We live by the principles we adopt as our own.  The fruits of our labor are the results of the seeds that we've planted.  If my guiding principles are greed and avarice, then the fruits will be harmful, and I want to avoid that.  I want to live with the principles that will create more good for the world-- principles such as love, compassion, patience, commitment, kindness, and the like.  When an idea includes principles such as hatred or intolerance or prejudice, I don't want to allow it to take seed in my mind.

The lives we lead depend, to a great extent, on the principles that we allow to guide us in life.  It's up to us to adopt those principles-- they don't just happen.  Whenever you're in a situation that demands an important decision, keep in mind the principles that you want to be the guides in your life, and then the right decision will become much more clear.  Perhaps not any easier, but definitely clearer.

Questions to consider:

What are the guiding principles of your own life?

How do negative principles come to be so dominant in so many people's lives?

What principles would you recommend to others to adopt as their guiding lights?

For further thought:

Principles are like seeds; they are little things which do much good, if the mind that receives them has the right attitudes.


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