September 13    

Today's quotation:

You must learn to turn your dreams into exactly expressed targets.  Once you have done so, and know just where you are heading, you are then in a position to see immediately an opportunity when it comes your way.

R.J. Heathorn

Today's Meditation:

All of us would like to see our dreams come true-- some of them, at least-- but most of us don't really have specific plans in place to try to make that happen.  And we don't have plans in place that will allow us to be ready for opportunities that come along when they happen.  Most of us simply try to keep on keeping on, on the path we happen to be on, without keeping in mind the fact that there's a good chance that there's a better road out there for us, and it's up to us to make the move to that road--it's not just going to fork off of the one that we're on all by itself.

For many of us, a dream is simply a dream and it will remain that way forever.  We don't acknowledge the fact that we can make our dreams become reality if we really want to, but we have to decide that we want to realize the dream and then do all that we can to reach the target, rather than simply hope and pray that we'll someday receive our dream through some amazing miracle.

It's only when we put ourselves on the right road that the dreams can become truth.  I'm never going to find an exit to the Grand Canyon if I'm on Interstate 90-- I'd have to be on Interstate 40 for that to happen.  My dream job isn't going to happen unless I prepare myself for it; the person I dream of meeting isn't going to show up unless I create situations in which I can meet a variety of people in diverse situations.  My dream can be realized only when I put myself in a position in which that can realistically happen.

We can't abandon our dreams, but we can't take them for granted.  If we truly wish for our dreams to come true, then we have to create the conditions that will provide opportunities that wouldn't happen if we were living in other conditions.  You're the captain of your own ship, and your ship will reach the proper port only when you do all that's necessary to get it there-- you can't just leave port and raise the sails and expect to reach your destination, for there's much, much more to it than that.

Questions to consider:

What specific things might you do to create conditions in which your dreams may be realized?

Why do so many people give up on their dreams?

What would life be like if we had no dreams to dream?

For further thought:

High on the wall, in the castle of your dreams of success, hangs the picture of what you want to be.  Always keep that picture hanging there.  See yourself where you intend to be.  Night and day dream of what you intend to do and what you intend to be, for your dreams interpret your intentions always.  All successes are, at first, dreams.

Fred Van Amburgh

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