September 18    

Today's quotation:

It seems, oddly enough, that it's people with a strong faith who are best able to live in the present moment.  Enjoyment of the present, care for the quality of life:  these are a kind of reverence, a kind of faith in life itself.  The present is valuable, this faith tells us:  it is all we have.

Karen Casey

Today's Meditation:

"A kind of faith in life itself."  This is what has been developing in me over the years, and possibly the most important aspect of living my life as fully and completely as possible.  I don't claim to live that way, only to aspire to live that way, but as my faith in life increases, I find that it grows easier and easier to accept all that life gives me and to make the most of it, without worrying at all about what's not in my life because I know that if it's not there, it isn't what's best for me-- at least not yet, because it may be there one day.

This is the kind of faith with which we can feel that even if things aren't turning out as we wanted them to, or tried to make them turn out, they're turning out for the best.  Even if something seems bad right now, we're going to see that it's happened for a very good reason that we simply don't see immediately.  It's a faith that allows us to roll with the flow of life rather than trying to make life what we think it should be-- knowing that life really does "know" what's best for us.

When I allow life to be what it is and do my best to accept it completely, my present moment is filled with appreciation for this moment and an innate curiosity about just why this moment happened to be.  I see moments as enjoyable lessons that are here to be savored, even if they may not seem to be too pleasant.  Many a time that I thought was somehow "bad" turned out to be quite good, and my main regret is that I didn't enjoy those moments-- rather, I squandered them wishing that they were something else.

Life goes on, and one of our jobs is to go along with it, to change with it, to enjoy it, to be an integral part of it.  And to trust it, for with that trust comes the ability to enjoy without worrying what tomorrow may bring.

Questions to consider:

Why is it so difficult for so many people to trust the present moment?

What are some of the negative effects of ignoring our present moments in favor of trying to make our ways to more "positive" moments in the future?

What around you right now is interesting and/or beautiful and/or fascinating?

For further thought:

We hurry through the so-called boring things in order to attend to that which we deem more important, interesting.  Perhaps the final freedom will be a recognition that every thing in every moment is 'essential' and that nothing at all is 'important.'

Helen M. Luke

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