September 7     

Today's quotation:

Living in a society that undervalues the spirit, we who embrace it are tempted to apologize for our interest.  We must stop apologizing, for no subject is more important.  It is, after all, love's retrieval.  It is the answer to global hatred.  To invalidate the spiritual life is to shoot at the fireman who is putting out the fire.

Marianne Williamson

Today's Meditation:

"Undervalues the spirit," I think, may be an understatement.  In our society we often see people mock those who try to follow a spiritual path, treating them as if there were something very wrong with them.  The truth is, though, that we are spiritual beings, and our spirits are often in conflict with our minds about many aspects of our lives.  If our mind tells us that we need more money but our spirit tells us that we're working far too much and neglecting our relationships, guess which one tends to win out the most?

When we acknowledge the needs of our spirits and the connections that all of our spirits share, we really do have access to a perspective that can affect global hatred in positive ways.  We have a way of thinking that transcends political and ideological and religious differences, that allows us to see each other being on this planet as a fellow spirit making his or her way through life with the benefits and difficulties that they've gained simply by being born into a certain family or group.

The truth is that we must bravely and consistently acknowledge the fact that we are spiritual beings and do all that we can to nourish the spirits that we are.  Just as our bodies need food and water merely to survive, so do our spirits need access to kindness, love, and compassion to survive.  But we don't want our spirits merely to survive-- we want them to flourish and to spread love and compassion throughout our worlds, so we need to take care of those spirits so that they're strong enough to spread that love.  We need to acknowledge them first so that we can consciously tap into what they have to offer us and the world we live in.

We have an amazing amount of spiritual energy.  But it means nothing if we don't recognize it, nourish it, and use it to do the good things that this world so desperately needs more of.  Acknowledge your spirit and treat it with care, and then use it to spread all the good that you can.  Then your life can be miraculous.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of things do you do to nourish your spirit?

Why do most of us see ourselves as human beings rather than as spirits in human form?

What might you accomplish for others if you were to allow your spirit to be "in charge" of all you do?

For further thought:

I am learning to follow the spirit within me, wherever it wants to take me.  Every time I check in, feeling the energy inside me and letting it direct me, I find this a wonderful way to live.  When I do this, I experience joy, power, love, peace, and excitement.

Shakti Gawain

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