December 30


Today's quotation:

The first step is to find out what you love-- and donít be practical about it.  The second step is to start doing what you love immediately, in any small way possible.

Barbara Sher

Today's Meditation:

Most of us seem to have some sort of block in our minds that doesn't allow us at first to think that we can make a living doing something that we truly love.  We tend to be grateful for any job we get, and we hold on to that job for as long as we can, especially if there are benefits involved in it.  This pattern often keeps us from exploring different areas of life that may be more interesting to us, and we may even end up doing something our whole lives long without ever finding out just what we really love to do.

Yes, we can have hobbies that relate to what we love, but that's not the same as making a living doing what we love.  Obviously, we usually can't just step into a career that's absolutely perfect for us-- we have to be trained or educated, and we have to spend time learning the craft well-- but we don't have to start on the career level, either.  As Barbara says, we can start "in any small way possible," and a start is always a start.

I know it took many years for me to find out what I really loved doing-- teaching-- but once I found out, I set about on the course that would allow me to make a career of it.  It took quite a few years, but they were gratifying years because I knew that I was working towards a specific goal.  I also knew that I was getting a chance to make a living doing something I love.

What do you love to do?  Are you doing it now?  If you're not and you'd like to, what are some practical steps that you could take to make sure that you are doing it sometime soon, even if in a small way?  Whether or not you are doing it a year from now depends upon getting a start, and you're the only one who can start something new in your life.

Questions to consider:

Why is it so easy to get caught doing things that we don't necessarily love?

How might we go about starting to do something we truly love?

Do you know people who are doing work that they truly love to do?  How do they approach life?  Their jobs?

For further thought:

Work and play can be the same.  When you are following your energy and doing what you want to do all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.  Work is no longer what you have to do, and play what you want to do.  When you are doing what you love, you may work harder and produce more than ever before, because you are having fun.

Shakti Gawain

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