February 13


Today's Quotation:

There is no greater mistake in the world than the looking upon every sort of nonsense as the want of sense.

Leigh Hunt

Today's Meditation:

I have fun with nonsense.  I find that when I look at things from a ridiculous perspective, my eyes are opened to an entirely new way of seeing things.

The Wright brothers probably told people that they thought it was possible to build a machine that would fly.  How many people do you think thought the idea was nonsense?  A group of young people once thought that personal computers would be as common as television sets.  Nonsense, people would say--computers are for scientists and mathematicians.  Why would the average everyday person want a computer?

Look around.  How many of the things that you see today used to be thought of as impossible?  How many people used to think that considering making these things indicated a complete lack of sense (non + sense)?  But they're all here.  Cell phones that work the world over by utilizing satellites that are orbiting our planet.  Digital cameras and photo printers that produce higher-quality photos than I ever got from any store.  Entire movies on small discs, 200 songs in MP3 format on the same-sized disc.  We've landed on the moon and we've sent robots to Mars.  The light bulb, something that we all take for granted, is a remarkable invention that used to be considered impossible.

Whenever I hear a statement that seems to be complete nonsense, I try to pay closer attention to the meaning behind that statement, for I know that somewhere in there is a grain of truth that may fly in the face of what we "know" to be right and true, but that can provide me with a truly new and unique way of seeing things.  And it's the new that keeps my life vital and dynamic, not the old, "sensible" way of looking at the world.  Besides, most of the "sensible" beliefs about life and living are disproved, leaving us to wonder why we believed in them anyway.

Questions to ponder:

1.  Have you ever seen something that seemed like nonsense become solid truth or fact?  Why did it seem so nonsensical to begin with?

2.  How many things can you see at this moment that at one time probably were considered to be a nonsensical fantasy by many people?

3.  What does it mean to have an "open mind"?  If we do have one, can we pick and choose what we're open to?  Do we still have an open mind if we decide what we're open-minded about?

For further thought:

I am sure it is a great mistake always to know enough to go in
when it rains.  One may keep snug and dry by such knowledge, but one misses a world of loveliness.

Adeline Knapp



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