January 22


Today's quotation:

I wish there were a book I could read each day to tell me exactly what to do to live consciously from my heart and soul.  But part of the mystery and magic, part of the reason I'm here, is to try to stumble through and hear what the soul has to say about what it needs at each moment--whether it is to work through an emotional block, discover what the next lesson is, meet the next soul mate (my children are soul mates; my best friends are soul mates), or finish my business with the one I'm with now.  Ultimately, for most of us, the journey comes down to the same issue:  learning to love freely.  First ourselves, then other people.

Melody Beattie

Today's Meditation:

What can it mean to "live consciously from my heart and soul"?  I wonder that often as I try my best to do so.  But there are no classes to take on this topic, and there are no guidebooks that work for everyone.  I often find myself stumbling through life as well, making mistakes that in retrospect seem that they should have been impossible to make.  They happen, interestingly enough, during those times when I'm not living consciously from my heart, when my mind is clouded by tasks and dilemmas and needs and wants.

When I am living consciously, I find that life is pretty good at letting me see things with a great deal of clarity.  I'm able to access what my heart and soul see and feel to be important, and I don't face the moral and ethical dilemmas that I do otherwise.  I find that decisions are easy to make, and I don't slip into the judgmental mode that's so easy to be in when I'm "ignoring" my heart.  And Melody's right:  the times when I feel most lucid, when things seem most clear to me, are those times when I'm able to love freely, when I'm able to look at a complete stranger in a store and think to myself, "I love that person."

If I can tap into that love, and if I can make it one of the strongest guiding forces of my life, then I know that I'll be sure to be able to "stumble my way through" in a manner that's much clearer, much more productive and healthy, than the other ways that I often make my way through days.  I'm getting better at loving myself, but I don't believe that I'm completely there yet; I'm much closer than I've ever been, but I'm not sure that the love is completely unconditional yet.  Once it is, then I'll be able to spread unconditional love freely, and I know that that will be a beautiful time in my life.

Questions to consider:

How often do you find yourself "stumbling through" your lessons?

Do you love yourself unconditionally?  If not, are you able to love others freely?

How can we use the lessons we go through to help us to learn to love?

For further thought:

To love means being 100 percent responsible for your experience of living, to not be a victim or a martyr, and to be 100 percent accountable for the quality of your life, which includes the amount of love, joy, and growth you create in your relationships each day.
To love is the ability to remain strong, stable, and committed through difficult times, changes, and challenges.  It means being gentle, kind, and supportive of your potential, goals, and aspirations.

Harold Bloomfield

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