July 10


Today's quotation:

Do you know the more I look into life, the more things it seems to me I can successfully lackóand continue to grow happier.  How many kinds of food I do not need, or cooks to cook them, how much curious clothing or tailors to make it, how many books I have never read, and pictures that are not worthwhile!  The farther I run, the more I feel like casting aside all such impedimentsólest I fail to arrive at the far goal of my endeavor.

David Grayson

Today's Meditation:

I like David's perspective here, probably because I agree with it so strongly.  When I read his words, I think immediately back to my youth, when television was such an important part of our lives.  It was almost a disaster when we would miss a week's episode of a certain show--we simply felt we couldn't do without seeing each episode.  There have been so many things in my life that have seemed to be extremely important, yet when I haven't had them any more, I've found that I haven't missed them.

In many cases, I've found not only that I haven't missed them, but that lacking them has freed me up to explore other things, to learn new things, to open up my eyes to many things that I otherwise might not have seen at all.  Now that I watch little television, there are so many other fascinating things to do with my life that I never would have known about had I continued to arrange my evening hours around the programs that were on the tube on a given night.

We're taught to want things-- always more and more things.  Many of our teachers do so inadvertently, too, for they just want to share their own positive experiences with some material object that they've found to be particularly useful or helpful.  But when we can start casting these things aside, we find that our time is better spent on things that help us to grow and learn, that our energy is better spent on things that help to contribute to the world, in whatever small ways that we find to be the most helpful and useful.

So many things are great in this life, but almost none of them are truly indispensable to us in our lives.  We have to be able to let go of the things that truly do little to nothing for us, in order to be able to focus more strongly on those things that we really can't do without.

Questions to consider:

What things are indispensable to you in your life?  What would your life be like without them?

How can casting aside things that we've felt are important help us to be stronger people?

Does our culture value casting aside things in out lives?  What happens when we do?

For further thought:

Material possessions are often a hindrance toward attaining higher consciousness.  They take a cunning delight in becoming one's master while appearing as a benevolent slave.


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