November 10


Today's Quotation:

Thinking like a winner means not always having to defeat someone else.  It means being able to grow from a situation in which you fail to reach your goal.  It involves not demanding perfection from yourself in every single thing you do, but, instead, thinking of yourself as perfect and thus capable of growing.  It means reminding yourself that perfection doesnít mean staying the same; it means being able to allow yourself to grow.  Thinking as a winner means not coming down on yourself; it means refusing to allow self-repudiating thoughts into your head.  It involves pushing out the inclination to evaluate yourself in comparison with others, and giving yourself permission to be the unique person you are.

Wayne Dyer

Today's Meditation:

Why is it so important to focus on "thinking like a winner," as opposed to "being a winner"?  What's so important about our thoughts?  Why should we focus on them instead of the way we want to be?

Actually, throughout pretty much all of the research that I've done on actualizing ourselves and becoming the people we want to be, learning about the way we think is the most important first step in changing anything in our lives.  In my experience, too, nothing has changed in my life until I've been able to change the way I think about certain things.  It's like an athlete who takes up a certain sport-- at first, they have a hard time with many of the basics, until they develop a sense of confidence.  Once they have that confidence, though-- a different way of thinking about what they're doing-- their performance tends to improve significantly and quickly.

It's realistic to think optimistic, confident, caring thoughts about ourselves, yet very few people do so.  Conditioning-- both social and self-conditioning-- tends to make us think more negatively than positively, and it makes us see the limitations rather than the possibilities and potential in any given situation or endeavor.  It's important to know our limitations-- I would not try to climb Mt. Everest next week, without any training at all-- but it's also important to give ourselves a chance and not beat ourselves down with our own thoughts.  We can all be winners, and winning doesn't necessarily mean beating someone else at something.

Actually, we all are winners.  Unfortunately, many of us keep that "winner" part of ourselves hidden by the many negative and self-defeating thoughts that we have.  And what a shame that is, for we could help many, many people by allowing our "winner" side to shine through!

Questions to ponder:

1.  You most definitely are a "winner."  Do you act like one?

2.  What are some of the consequences of not thinking like a winner?

3.  How might we go about changing the way that we think about things?  About ourselves?

For further thought:

Recently my fingers have developed a prejudice against comparatives.  They all follow this pattern:  a squirrel is smaller than a tree; a bird is more musical than a tree.  Each of us is the strongest one in his or her own skin.  Characteristics should take off their hats to one another, instead of spitting in each otherís faces.

Bertolt Brecht

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