November 12


Today's Quotation:

Pardon one another so that later on you will not remember the injury.  The recollection of an injury is in itself wrong.  It adds to our anger, nurtures our sin, and hates what is good.  It is a rusty arrow and poison for the soul.

Francis of Paola

Today's Meditation:

It's very difficult to forget harmful things that others have done to us-- in fact, I'd be tempted to say that it's impossible to forget most of the truly harmful things.  It is not, however, impossible to forgive the actions and forgive the persons.  It usually takes a great effort on our part, but it definitely is not impossible.  It simply takes a conscious, straightforward decision that says, "I'm not willing to let the harm that this person has done to me continue to hurt me by thinking about it and not forgiving it."

We really do have a much greater capacity to hurt ourselves than other people have to hurt us.  Making a decision not to forgive does add to our anger, and anger is truly a destructive emotion-- it is best let out in appropriate ways and then left behind.  If we carry it with us, we're subjecting our minds, spirits, and bodies to its poisons, and it definitely will hurt us.  Long-term effects include high blood pressure, high stress levels, ulcers, headaches, and many other potentially dangerous symptoms.  It truly is "poison for the soul."

Pardoning others can set them free from guilt and anxiety, but it also can set free the person who forgives from many, many dangerous and destructive symptoms.  It is medicine for the soul, and it is very important if we want peace of mind and heart and spirit to be an important part of who we are.  If we were to get a rusty arrow shot through our body, we'd head for the emergency room to have it taken out.  An unforgiven injury is much the same-- it must be taken care of, gotten out of our minds and hearts, as soon as possible.

Questions to ponder:

1.  Are there any unforgiven rusty arrows in you at the moment?

2.  What are some ways that we can practice the art of forgiveness?

3.  What are some of the barriers we put up that make forgiveness difficult?

For further thought:

I can have peace of mind only when I forgive rather than judge.

Gerald Jampolsky

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