September 13


Today's quotation:

Positive thinking is not the destination; it is the journey.  An optimistic person will be constantly challenged-- by external circumstances as well as inner fears and doubts.  Always remember that these tests are like a ladder you must climb.  As you move past each rung, your optimism strengthens and your confidence begins to flex newly found muscle that you might never have developed otherwise.

Montague Ewards

Today's Meditation:

As I read more and more literature on the concept of getting more out of life, I'm amazed at the amount of material dedicated to the concept of changing our thought patterns to make them more positive.  And this material doesn't come just from the people who want to sell things.  It's a concept that crosses boundaries and that is espoused by many people who have suffered greatly in life, but who have found ways to make life a positive, enjoyable experience.

Doctors write about how many patients heal more quickly when their thoughts are positive and they see the world brightly.  Psychologists write about the effects of positive thoughts-- and negative ones-- on our psyches and even on our bodies.  People who have been there write about the differences in their lives since they've adopted a more positive way of thinking.

In my life, one of the most critical change that has occurred has been in the way I think.  I've worked hard to reject the negative patterns of thinking that I used to follow and to be positive in almost all situations.  It isn't always easy, but it has been by far the most important element in my life, helping me to grow and learn and deal with depression.  My positive thinking now carries me through any trial I can go through, and it keeps me from falling into negative feelings.

And even more, with each day that I'm able to focus on the positive, I grow stronger in my ability to keep doing so.  It isn't that life has become all that much easier for me lately, but that I'm much more able to deal with all that happens in life when my thoughts are focused on the positive aspects of life and living.  Even the darker times never lose the brightness that is still always there, as long as we're willing to keep our minds and hearts open to it.

Questions to consider:

How can we stay focused on the positive side of life?

How do negative thoughts become so predominant in our lives?

What are some potential benefits of seeing the world through positive thinking?

For further thought:

Positive thinking is a constant attention to the details that make up an average day— with the knowledge that how you live this moment may reflect on the rest of your life.

Jason Rogerson

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