September 4


Today's quotation:

The cure for all the illness of life is stored in the inner depth of life itself, the access to which becomes possible when we are alone.  This solitude is a world in itself, full of wonders and resources unthought of.  It is absurdly near; yet so unapproachably distant.

Rabindranath Tagore

Today's Meditation:

I always wonder why it should be so difficult for us to know ourselves.  Why is there so little effort in our societies to go into ourselves and learn more about who we are and what strengths we have on a spiritual level?  Are we afraid of what we might find?  Are we afraid that we may find nothing at all?  Are we simply afraid of the solitude that's necessary if we want to give ourselves a chance to know ourselves?

Because we don't take the time to be alone and get to know ourselves, we can't find out just how wonderful we are as human beings.  It's like having a cave full of treasure in our back yard, yet never taking the time to step out the back door because we're too comfortable with the way things are inside the house.  Besides, who needs the back yard when we have such a nice front yard?  Why do we need to explore our inner world when we have so much great entertainment at our disposal?

Most people never even begin to imagine the riches that are inside of them.  They never give themselves the opportunity to learn just how special they are, and they go through life thinking that they really aren't all that special.  It's just like me calling myself poor even though I have that cave full of treasure in the back yard.  It does me no good at all to have it, and it does no one else any good, either.

Peace and quiet and solitude can give us the opportunity to go inside ourselves and find out just how wonderful we are.  But we do have to take advantage of the quiet, and we do have to make the effort to learn from what we find.

Questions to consider:

When was the last time that you tried to "go inside" yourself during a time of peace and quiet in your life?

Why do so few people seem to see the beauty that's inside of them?

How can we find or create times of quiet in our lives?

For further thought:

The mountain is not restless in its aloneness.  The hawk tracing circles in the sky is not longing for union with the sun.  They exist in the perfect peace of an eternal present, and that is the peace that one finds only in solitude.  Find this peace in yourself, and you will never know another moment of loneliness in your life.

Kent Nerburn

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