March 10

Today's quotation:

People's dreams are made out of what they do
all day, the same way a dog that runs after
rabbits will dream of rabbits.  It's what you do that
makes your soul, not the other way around.

Barbara Kingsolver

Today's Meditation:

What have you done today?  What shall you do with the rest of the day?  When you think about the things that you do during the course of each day, how do all of the individual actions work together to make you the person that you are?  How do they contribute to your continual growth as a human being, toward your development towards becoming the person you wish to be.

Most people don't think about most of their actions.  We often function by rote, doing the same things over and over again, not varying our routines or our actions much at all.  But if we thought about those actions more closely, could we find within them the potential to do them with more awareness, with more of a realization of just how fortunate we are to be able to do what we do?  If I walk up a flight of stairs and think about the millions of people who--through no fault of their own--are unable to perform such a simple action, then my walking up the stairs becomes a precious gift.

When we choose what we do and how we do it, we're choosing who we're becoming.  We're choosing what's going into taking us tomorrow just a bit further along the road towards our potential.  If my actions are kind and considerate, I grow into a kinder and more considerate person.  If my action is to pick up a book on self-development rather than turning on a mindless sitcom, then I'm adding to my character.  If my action is to do a small and simple favor for a friend, then I'm adding a very positive piece to myself.

What do you do?  Answer that question and you'll have a lot of insight into who you are.

Questions to consider:

Why is it so easy to take our own actions for granted and not pay much attention to them?

What kinds of actions might help us to grow into better people?

What kinds of dreams do you cherish?  Do your actions help you to nurture those dreams?

For further thought:

We sow our thoughts, and we reap our actions;
we sow our actions, and we reap our habits;
we sow our habits, and we reap our characters;
we sow our characters, and we reap our destiny.

Charles A. Hall


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