November 28

Today's quotation:

Happiness is the realization of God in the heart.
Happiness is the result of praise and thanksgiving,
of faith, of acceptance;
a quiet tranquil realization of the love of God.

White Eagle

Today's Meditation:

God is in our hearts--in your heart, in my heart, in the hearts of your best friend and worst enemy.  God is the connection between us, the force that keeps us together as the spiritual beings that we are, the one thing that we all have in common no matter where we are or what we're doing.  God is in our hearts because he loves us and because he wants the very best for each of us, and the best thing that we can give back to God is our praise and thanksgiving for all that we have, our faith in all that is good and best for us, and our acceptance of our lives as they are right here, right now.

And these things will bring us happiness.  The happiness will be a result of our thankfulness, our peace of mind, our acceptance, and our compassion for our fellow human beings once we recognize and accept our connection to them.  We can't feel such a connection without also feeling compassion, for only then will we have a deeper understanding that all of our fellow human beings have been going through the same trials that we've been going through, just in slightly different ways.

We are loved, by the God in our hearts and the God who also is in the hearts of all the other people we see.  For this we can be thankful, and our gratitude will open other doors in our lives, other windows through which we can see and feel and understand the lives of our neighbors and co-workers and friends and all the strangers whom we see each day.

Thanksgiving opens our hearts, and it gives us a clearer vision of the God who loves us and all others equally.  The realization of that love--and our acceptance of it--can be one of the most beautiful, life-affirming elements of our lives.

Questions to consider:

What does it take to reach "a realization of God in the heart"?

What percentage of our time do most people spend in praise and thanksgiving?

What kinds of things distract us from focusing on our compassion for and connections with our fellow human beings?

For further thought:

I believe in the absolute oneness of God and therefore of humanity.
What though we have many bodies?  We have but one soul. . . . I know God is neither in heaven nor down below, but in everyone.

Mohandas K. Gandhi


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