October 26

Today's quotation:

You must constantly ask yourself these questions:
Who am I around?  What are they doing to me?
What have they got me reading?  What have they
got me saying?  Where do they have me going?  What
do they have me thinking?  And most important,
what do they have me becoming?  Then ask
yourself the big question:  Is that okay?

Jim Rohn

Today's Meditation:

Sometimes it may seem awkward trying to analyze the effect that our friends and acquaintances have on us.  At times it can seem to be too judgmental a thing to do, too harsh an exercise.  But all of us have experienced watching other people being brought down by the people they choose to hang around with, and it could be useful sometimes if we were to take a step back from our own situations and try to look at them objectively.  How are the people in my life affecting me?  And if the answer to that question is "poorly," then what do I need to do to fix the situation to make it healthy once more?

Other people affect me, and I have to admit that I've spent more time with negative people than I would have liked to spend.  Sometimes I've been around people who have brought me down in significant ways, and it's taken me far too long to recognize what was happening and find other people who would affect me more positively to spend time with.

What do the people in your life have you becoming?  If you spend another ten years with the same people, where will you be ten years from now?  If the answer is that you'll be a more compassionate, more caring, more giving person, then you're probably around people who are good for you.  If your answer is that you'll be wealthy enough to be financially independent and completely out of debt, and still a caring and compassionate person, then that's great, too.

But if your answer is something less than you are now, if you don't like the answer that you see, then you'll want to consider changing the people you're with.  After all, not everyone we meet is destined to be an intimate friend, even if sometimes we pursue friendships for reasons other than mutual benefit.  If someone you know brings you down, then just how will you be able to lift up someone who needs your support?

Questions to consider:

Do you know anyone who brings you down regularly in any ways?

Why do so many people hold on to destructive friendships?

Which people in your life have the most positive effects on you?

For further thought:

If you make friends with people who are without
character, your own character will tarnish as well.



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