September 25

Today's quotation:

The world is blessed most by people who do things,
not by those who merely talk about them.

James Oliver

Today's Meditation:

The blessings in our lives do not come from those people who think about doing things but never act.  They do not come from the dreamers who are more than willing to tell us about their dreams and ambitions, but who never lift a finger to make those dreams into reality.

No, the blessings in our lives come from those people who actually have made the effort to fulfill needs of others, who have faced the risks and challenges involved in making their dreams and ideas become real-life things that we all can benefit from.

There's a lot of value in talking about our dreams and ambitions.  Doing so can help us to clarify our dreams and intentions, and we can develop those dreams as we talk about them, turning the dreams into plans.  But there comes a point at which talk is no longer beneficial, and in fact may become harmful.  The longer we delay in working towards fulfilling our dreams and ambitions, the less likely we are to start the process that's necessary to come up with what we want to.

We can be great blessings to the world not by talking about encouraging others, but by actually doing so.  We can be blessings by creating things that will help others, not by talking about creating them.  We are blessings to the world simply by our being here, but we can make our being here truly beneficial to others by doing something to make their lives better, not by talking about making their lives better.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of actions will you do today that will bless others?

Why is action sometimes so hard to start?

Why is it so easy for people to talk about things they want to do without ever actually doing them?

For further thought:

Words are plentiful,
but deeds are precious.

Lech Walesa


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