September 8

Today's quotation:

Whenever you feel that something as simple as a smile
or a kind act will go unnoticed, do it anyway.  You
never know how much it might change someone else's life.

Erin Bishop

Today's Meditation:

"You never know."  If we can keep these three words in mind whenever we're faced with a decision that might make a difference in someone else's life--no matter how small a difference it may be--then we might always make the choice to do the nice thing, the kind thing, the compassionate thing.

And that small act of ours may just turn someone's day around.  The other person may need exactly that which we've given, just as a glass of water is just what a thirsty person needs--it's not all that much, when all is said and done, but its effect is amazing.

"Do it anyway."  It really doesn't matter if you see any results or not, because we shouldn't be doing things in order for what we get in return.  We should be able to let go of expectations and just give to the world and other people because we want to add to the positive energy of the world, not because we want to get something in return.  And when we can let go of expectations, then we truly can change other people's lives by contributing to them in positive ways.

Don't be afraid a kind act will go unnoticed.  It doesn't matter if it does.  The important thing is that it's been done, and a contribution has been made to the collective good of the world.  Do your kindness and release it to life, and then find somewhere else where you can do another kindness.  You'll be richer for it, as will the world.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of kindnesses can you do today?

What kinds of simple acts on the part of other people have changed your life in positive ways?

Does the help we give others always have to be deep or complex?

For further thought:

We restore the holiness of the world through our loving-kindness and compassion.  Everyone
participates.  It is a collective task.  Every act of
loving-kindness, no matter how great or small, repairs
the world.  All those ever born have shared this
collective work since the beginning of time.

Rachel Naomi Remen


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