December 12
You can change your beliefs so
they empower your dreams and desires.
Create a strong belief in yourself
and what you want.

Marcia Wieder


Today's Meditation:

As a teacher, I probably see more people who do not believe in themselves--yet--than other people do.  In fact, I see one of my most important jobs as a high school teacher to be that of helping my students to create and develop belief in themselves and their abilities.  And I'm able to witness regularly just what happens when a not-so-simple shift occurs--when a student goes from not believing in him or herself to believing in him or herself.

Everything picks up when a person starts to believe in oneself:  work performance, self-image, feelings of happiness and contentment, self-confidence, even relationships, for it's easier to be with someone who believes in him or herself than it is to be with a person who doesn't.

Do your beliefs support you and your dreams and desires?  In my life, mine rarely have, and I've paid the price for that.  Dearly.  But as time has gone on my beliefs have come much more into line with my dreams--in other words, I now believe in my own ability to make those dreams reality, and when I believe that, then anything can happen, can't it?

One of the things that we aren't taught in life is that we can create our own beliefs and cast out those beliefs that have been hanging around for years, without us ever even realizing how much they've been hurting us.  Just as I wouldn't want to go outside wearing clothes that I don't like, I prefer not to go through life allowing beliefs that don't support me to define who I am and what I do?

Questions to consider:

Where do your beliefs come from?  How did you get them?

How might you go about creating your own beliefs about your own life and the ways that you live it?

Why is it important to adopt and maintain beliefs that support your dreams and desires?

For further thought:

Within you right now is the power to do
things you never dreamed possible.
This power becomes available to you just
as soon as you can change your beliefs.

Maxwell Maltz

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