February 16

You must trust your intuition--you
must trust the small voice inside
you which tells you exactly
what to say, what to decide.

Ingrid Bergman


Today's Meditation:

It's a bit amazing just how special a gift intuition is.  We have a sense inside of ourselves that allows us to feel what's right and what's wrong, that allows us to know things that we really shouldn't be able to know.  It can help us through very difficult times, and it can help us to help others through difficult times.  But therein lies the rub--it can help us only when we believe in it, when we trust it, and most people systematically ignore their intuition in favor of their logic and reason.

I've spent many years myself trusting my logic and denying my intuition.  It's been only in the last decade or so that I've felt comfortable trusting my intuition, and I've found that my decisions are much more reliable when I do so.  I've found that the things that I do are much more beneficial to others when I trust my feelings about what I should do--or shouldn't do.

I've reached a point at which I trust my intuition more than I trust my logic.  When I'm with my students, I no longer try to "figure out" what's best--I follow my intuition as to what I should or shouldn't do in the classroom.  That voice inside of me is right so often that it's scary, and even though I sometimes seem to make the wrong decision, my percentage of right decisions now is much higher than it ever was when I trusted logic.

Sometimes my intuition tells me what to say, and sometimes it tells me not to say anything.  Sometimes it tells me to push a little harder, and sometimes it tells me to back off because I'm reaching a breaking point.  The most important thing that I've noticed, though, is now that I trust it more, I recognize it much more often and I'm able to follow its guidance much more readily.

Questions to consider:

Why do we sometimes think that intuition isn't as trustworthy as logic and reason?  How often does reason fall flat on its face when we trust it? 

Think of a time when you followed your intuition and things worked out well.  What led you to trust it?  Why don't you do so more often?

How can we train ourselves to follow our intuition more often?  How can we become more aware of that voice inside of us, and follow its suggestions?

For further thought:

The best way I have found to follow my true desires is to pay attention to my intuitive sense.  We all have great wisdom within us, a part of us that knows exactly what we need at every moment.  We are born with this intuitive sense, but most of us are quickly taught to distrust and ignore it.  We have to relearn something that should come naturally.  Fortunately, itís not too difficult; it just takes some practice.

Shakti Gawain


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