February 25

Should you shield the canyons
from the windstorms, you would
never see the beauty of their carvings.

Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross


Today's Meditation:

If you've ever seen pictures of some of the sandstone canyons of the southwest United States, you've seen some incredible sights of the results of the wind.  Cliffs and columns rise gracefully into the sky, mute reminders of the power of change and time and the forces of nature.  Of course, the wind isn't 100% responsible for the beauty of these areas, but it's a huge contributor.

Likewise, you are a marvelous creation, a completely unique individual who exhibits wonderful qualities for the world to see.  And much of what has brought you to the point you're at now has been the storms in your life, the times of trial, the tempests that threatened you, but also helped to shape you and even wear away some of the inessential parts of yourself.

Sometimes we fear the storms.  Sometimes we wish that we were completely protected from them, but we never can be.  It's important that we work our way through the storms in the best way that we know; we obviously can't completely control the outcomes of any storms, but the ways that we face them will have a lot to do with the beauty of the carvings that emerge in us as we deal with the adversity of life's storms. 

Some storms are terribly unpleasant, and some storms are tragic in nature.  But if we face them and deal with them on their own terms as well as on our terms, then we will continue to expose the higher parts of ourselves, the beauty of character and of integrity, for we will continue growing and changing and exposing the amazing beauty that is so strong within us.

Questions to consider:

Why are storms so frightening?  If we knew that we would come through them unscathed, would they be so frightening?

What kinds of beauty have been exposed in you over the years?  Patience, simplicity, strength, willingness to bend and compromise?

How can we help other people to work their way through the storms of life without trying to shield them completely from the winds that are so important? 

For further thought:

Even if I may be going through a challenging experience,
I am grateful, for I know that good will come from it.  Will
I learn of inner strength that I didn't know I had?  Will I
gain a renewed appreciation for my life and the people in it?
I am grateful for my present circumstances, for I know
they offer opportunities for growth.

unattributed, The Daily Word


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